A downloadable Miner for Windows



Gather materials to build and upgrade your rig for the upcoming race. Only the fastest will come out on top.....

Miner Dash is a strategical collect-a-thon and racing game put into one.  Up to four players will race to collect the most ores,worth various points, in one section of the game in order to build their racing RIGs for the next. Each RIG is different based on the way the player wants to play  thanks to the various different upgrades available to their disposal. This means there are potentially hundreds of ways you can win the final race due to your own design. Race on various otherworldly tracks filled with hazards and power ups that make each race feel unique and fun.  Only the fastest miner will come up on top, so dig quick, build efficiently, or get left in the dust.

Story Synopsis:
In the year 2104, the valuable ores of Earth are depleted. Various corporations looked towards the stars (specifically Mars) to fuel Earth's ever growing demand for these valuable ores. Now, these corporations race and compete for these ores to gain the fame, the riches, and the love of the human race.

The Specific Details:

4 Players

Keyboard/Controller Support

Quick Matches/Play Sessions



Producer/Artist/Designer  - Alex

Programmers  - RJ, Scott

Lead Artist - Sergio 


MinerDash v.1 4 MB
MinerDash v.2 4 MB
MinerDash v.3 Final 139 MB